IMA Group Top national manufacturer andexporter



IMA is a company founded in 1961 and associated with the woodworkers’ trade. It is the top national manufacturer, with a production capacity of 1,000,000 m2 per year. Much of its production exports to neighbouring countries in which they are to meet the most stringent quality standards. IMA manufactures its wood flooring using the latest technology. Its wide range of manufactured products covers an extensive range of different wood species, some with varying qualities and varying distributions in the module.




Traditional varnishes based on organic solvents have their days numbered. Most of these products are available in 1:1 formulas (50% solvent, 50% of varnish coating); that is, during the setting of the product, an amount of the product being released into the atmosphere is equivalent to the amount left on the wood. We are polluting the atmosphere, and what is worse we are putting our health at risk. In nearly all developed countries, regulations which limit or prohibit the use of these coatings are being established. The OPTIMAX CERAMIC Varnish, in addition to its superb resistance properties, is completely safe to use given that it uses water as a solvent, it is fireproof and it is environmentally friendly.


Because of its extensive network, you will find qualified installers and distributors of IMA Laminate Flooring in every community of Spain