IMA, award for Best Made Product at the XX FEPM Convention


IMA Group, an undertaking part of the National Association of Wood Flooring Manufacturers (ANFP in Spanish), was awarded first prize for “Best Made Product” at the Annual Convention of the Spanish Federation of Wood Flooring (FEPM in Spanish) recently held in Gerona. IMA released a new range of laminated flooring in a single slat 190 mm ​​in width, with a rustic quality, an extra- matt varnish finish, brosse, micro-bevelled and in single-colour and two-colour.

The company claims that this engineered hardwood floor, with an oak finish, shows off its rustic finishes thanks to special treatments which highlight the natural grain of the wood, gathering a collection of nine models with original shades. This product can also be manufactured in slats, 150 mm in width and in various colours, adapting to client demand, with custom and exclusive models available.