installationEasy and quick

Unlike most wood flooring, installing IMA laminated flooring is simple and fast. The only requirement is some familiarity with performing DIY jobs and a set of simple tools. However, some installation recommendations should be followed in order to avoid problems in the future use of the flooring.

The following shows the basic tools and steps to follow in the installation of your wood flooring.


Installation over underfloor heating

The IMA laminate flooring is perfectly compatible with the most common systems of underfloor heating (radiating thread or hot water pipe). In this case, for the heating system to work at full capacity, it is necessary that the laminate flooring is in close or “intimate” contact with the heated surface.

The temperature of the floor should not exceed 25° C or 26° C, which means a temperature at the surface of the floorboards of 24° C. Before starting the installation, the heating tests should be conducted at 2/3 the power in order to help with the setting and drying of the floor.

Attention to the pipe distribution fittings which could produce concentrations of heat which may be harmful to the laminate flooring.


Additional installation recommendations


In the protruding areas, such as corners, pillars, etc., the laminate flooring boards must be cut while maintaining the expansion joint. For the execution of the pipe passage holes, use an electric drill with a special bit to create large diameter holes. Cutting the laminate flooring boards in the area of the heating pipe passage holes can be made using a jigsaw. The diameter of these holes should be 20 mm greater than that of the pipe traversing the hole. It may be necessary to adjust doors and trims in order to install the laminate flooring below these. A minimum clearance of 5 mm between the door leaf and the floor is recommended.