IMA has long been one of the leading companies of its sector in Spain. It has been a leading company because of its turnover and size, but it has also been a leading company because of its firm commitment to combining cutting edge technology with a maximum respect for the environment.

This ecological concern has meant that the origin of the wood itself is very important for IMA. It has been so important that, for years, management staff of the companies decided that it would be wise to personally go to Brazil to see firsthand the logging situation of the country.

IMA wanted and continues to want to assist in the transformation of that reality in the best way possible, and they were committed to always be one step beyond what is expected of a modern and responsible company. For IMA, the environment is not an excuse or a burden. For IMA, the environment, the respect and care for our surroundings and social responsibility comprise our absolutely inalienable principles.



Since then, working in collaboration with the Brazilian government, IMA put forth all of its efforts and applied the sum of the talents of all of its professionals to implement a revolution of sorts in how to confront the exploitation of timber. The objective is two-fold:

  1. Ensure the ecologically sustainable forestry use of Amazonian forests by keeping a strict inventory of the trees and by the control and limitation of logging.
  2. Ensure the social development of affected indigenous people by way of specific intervention programs and infrastructure construction.

This radical transformation began not only with the application of stringent legal legislation on controlled logging, which was undertaken by IMA from the outset and in an exemplary manner, but also with the implementation of community public works of great social significance, such as vocational schools.

All these are initiatives by which IMA believes that it can contribute to ensure a better future for the Amazon communities, through better education and care for the younger generations. And, of course, raising awareness in the overall Brazilian population of the fundamental importance of conserving the Amazon rainforest.

In this way, with the support of the Brazilian government and non-governmental organizations such as Greenpeace, the people of Brazil are becoming aware that the Amazon, in addition to being its major source of wealth, is also imperative for all mankind.

Through measures such as those applied by IMA and the Brazilian government, the Amazon forests, along with its trees and timber, may be the best opportunity for advancement for the natives who inhabit them. This is tangible proof that businesses and governments can offer real solutions to major problems.

Because taking better care of our planet does lie in our hands