We have a division at Bona that specialises in the development and supply of varnishes for wood flooring manufacturers worldwide. For manufacturers, not only is it important to offer high quality hardwood flooring, protected with varnish that has a high resistance to wear, scratching, stains, etc. but it is equally important that the flooring is easy to clean and maintain, and that the products used in the installation and subsequent renovation are able to be used with varnishes applied in the manufacturing process of wood flooring.

In this sense, Bona is already a leader, given that not only do we produce the varnish for their wood flooring, but we also have a full range of products which range from installation and renovation to a full range of cleaning and maintenance products. In addition, this range of products is available in over 70 countries worldwide.

Bona ensures the compatibility of all its products with the varnishes applied in the manufacturing plants of our clients, the manufacturers of hardwood flooring.  This is why the most prestigious manufacturing plants around the world have chosen our varnishes for their flooring and recommend the use of our installation, cleaning and maintenance products for your flooring.

As already discussed above, we are now present in over 70 countries worldwide, and to which we provide technical support in the use of our products regardless of where wood flooring is installed.

This is what we call a Lifetime Support Warranty or, in other words, a Bona Lifetime Support.