ResistanceExclusive Varnish Resistance Optimax Ceramic


The finish of the IMA wood flooring consists of a first coat of water-based OPTIMAX CERAMIC varnish and, on top of this, up to 6 successive layers of acrylic varnish.

Ecological, because the varnish is water-based. Applied as the 1st layer in the varnish coating line of the manufacturing process, it is noteworthy that the wood impregnation agent is water-based. This allows the resulting final product to be fireproof. It does not give off odours.

High varnish coating adhesion to wood: The water easily permeates the wood through its surface, and by means of very sophisticated technology, the first layer becomes fully bonded to the wood, thus achieving a high resistance to abrasion and scratches.

Optimum waterproofing, therefore the wood is highly protected.

The low pH of OPTIMAX CERAMIC maintains the natural colour of the wood. This effect is especially seen with reddish woods, minimising the colour change upon contact with light.