Sincere commitment to the environment.

FSC and PEFC Certificates

FSC and PEFC are the forest reference certificates that guarantee that the wood used by IMA comes from forests and plantations managed according to strict international sustainability standards. Choosing products with these labels helps conserve forests.

DMAS Certificate

IMA has the Sustainable Environmental Diagnosis (Spanish acronym: DMAS) Certificate, an advanced management system in attention to the social and environmental environment.

We share the vision of the DMAS certificate that requires a double environmental audit to comply with current legislation (UNE-EN-ISO 14001) and voluntary guidelines for the development of a sustainable commitment.

Ecological concerns mean that IMA must take the origin of the wood into account. We have an active social and environmental development plan in the Amazon communities with a double objective:

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Guarantee the ecologically sustainable forestry use of the Amazonian forests, through a strict inventory of trees and the control and limitation of logging.


Guarantee the social development of the affected indigenous populations, with the implementation of specific intervention programs and infrastructure construction.

We collaborate with the Brazilian administration and non-governmental organizations such as Greenpeace in the development of the Amazonian community, building vocational schools to improve the education and future for the young.

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