Technical characteristics

Three fused 14 mm layers to provide the recognized warmth and durability of our product.

The IMA floating flooring is made up of a set of 3 14mm strips, joined together that provide the warmth and durability recognized to our product.

The noble layer is the “visible” wood that supports use and brings beauty and warmth to the floating floor. Optimax Ceramic waterbased varnish, the IMA exclusive finish that provides the best resistance on the market, is applied to this layer.
Noble layer thickness: ± 3.8 mm

The intermediate layer provides flexibility and cohesion to the whole. Formed by a conglomerate in of 8 mm conifer wood.

The base layer supports the other two and is in contact with the insulating layer. 2 mm coniferous wood.

Diagram of the characteristics of floating floorboards

Design of IMA floating floors: There are numerous configuration variants that adapt perfectly to each decorative style and the size of the room to be paved.

IMA products undergo a series of controls to ensure product quality and strength:

Control in adverse humidity conditions.

Resistant to superficial wear caused by the transit of people and furniture.

The Monnin test evaluates the density of the wood, which is what makes it hard.

Accelerated product cycle test to evaluate possible colour changes.

Controls to check the level of thermal insulation of the material.

Resists objects of different weights and at different heights.

IMA flooring laid over 1mm polyethylene foam provides 18 dBA noise reduction.


Pioneers in the application of high-resistance, high-traffic water-based varnish.

35 years ago, IMA was the first manufacturer in the world to apply a water-based varnish to wood followed by up to six successive layers of acrylic varnish to achieve phenomenal resistance.

Optimax Ceramic water-based varnish is applied as the first layer in the varnishing process to ensure an ecological and flame retardant material.

Water impregnates the Wood easily through its surface and with sophisticated technology this layer is stuck to the wood, thus achieving resistance to abrasion and scratching.

Once again we stand out from the rest
has been improved by lowering the PH and obtaining an invisible resistance varnish. Thus we maintain the natural tone and feeling of the raw wood.

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We take care of the origin of the Wood