Solid Floor

Wood species found in Central and South America.

The highest grade wood of this species grows in the Amazon area. It is distinguished by its light brown colour with yellowish or greenish reflections. The narrow, yellowy white sapwood is distinct from the heartwood. With a fine texture and irregular grain, it has a matt surface and is smooth to the touch. The natural durability of this wood species, in laboratory tests, proves to be highly resistant to attack by xylophagous organisms and very strong and durable. It does not need treatment to be used as outdoor wood.

Solid plank

OPTIMAX CERAMIC microbevelled varnished flooring

21 × 95 mm
400 × 1600 mm.

OPTIMAX CERAMIC microbevelled varnished floorboard with varnished back side

20 x 150 mm.
400 / 2000 mm.
  • UNE 56810 "Wood flooring. Installation. Specifications" .
  • UNE – EN 13226 "Wood flooring - Solid parquet elements with grooves and/or tongues".

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