Solid Floor

Oak is found throughout southern and central Europe, Canada, in the southern Scandinavian countries, England, Ireland and in the East to Turkey. In Spain present in the northern half of the peninsula.

Light coloured, well-differentiated sapwood and variably coloured heartwood (from light yellowish-brown to brown). Straight fibre and rough, irregulary texture. Tannic odor in green and bright and lustrous appearance on brushed surfaces. Wide pores that give very marked veins in tangential cuts.

European Oak

Measurements (Option 1)
20 × 150 mm.
Measurements (Option 2)
21 × 95/100 mm.
Length (Option 2)
400/2000 mm.
Length (Option 2)
400/1600 mm.

Heat-treated Oak varnished + OPTIMAX CERAMIC

21×140 mm
350/2000 mm

Bilayer oak

21×220 mm. In a single strip. Rustic quality.
  • UNE 56810 "Wood flooring. Installation. Specifications" .
  • UNE – EN 13226 "Wood flooring - Solid parquet elements with grooves and/or tongues".

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